No but seriously... Who is Kayleigh?

Hey guys 👋🏾 if you’re new around town and you don’t really know me, HEY! And Yes, that’s a big hey!


My name is Kayleigh Carter once Kayleigh Evans. I am a believer, a mother to two beautiful little girls, and a business owner.

I’m originally from the inner city of Columbus, Ohio but my Mom moved me to the suburbs in high school (I began getting into a lot of trouble 🤦🏾‍♀️😩... Sis, was doing WAY TEW MUCH!) ...

Anyway.... I graduated from Gahanna Lincoln High School (with honors) with some pretty incredible people  and y’all know I was captain of the cheerleading team 💁🏾‍♀️. (*first flex of the post..*) I also graduated from Fairfield Career Center with my Master Cosmetology license at 18.

Then.. I went on to Kent State University where I received by Bachelors of Arts in applied communications with a concentration in Public Relations. I was originally business major but it didn't challenge me creatively. After my first semester, I switched to journalism.

I slipped my senior year and had to change my major (my Mom gave me 4 years... that was it 👀😂)..  No, but on top of school I was working full time as a hairstylist. My focus was brushing up on my hair skills and of course making money.

I will say, it gave me divine work ethic. 

Once I graduated from school, I moved to Atlanta two weeks later and the journey began. Now, almost nine years in this city, I've had a ton of failures but I've also had a ton of achievements I am so proud of. Although I got married and it didn't work out, I birthed two amazing little girls (Dakota, 6 and Journie, almost 3). 

In 2013, SimplySlayed, began as a blog and YouTube journey but grew into a hair salon business one year later. Now, 6 years into business, I am ready to grow my brand into something much bigger than me. Even bigger than my children... My family deserves a legacy. 

The reality is, we all deserve a legacy. It was written before we were ever born.

I am finally tapping into my purpose and it feels damn good. God has been so good to me but you guys deserve to see how pain can turn into purpose. 

This is Kayleigh. Join me on this journey!