What a long time coming... 

I have been sitting on this idea for almost a year.

Finally, I found the courage to go for it!

This idea started last November on the set of The Family Chantel, an international televised TV show I have worked on for nearly three years.

I was looking for a quick ponytail to give two of the cast members, so I began using the velcro ponytails religiously. It was then when I knew how marketable this product truly was. For the following nine months, I went back and forth on if I truly wanted to pursue making G L AM T A I LS a product of the SimplySlayed brand.

Now, I'm more than elated that I actually went through with it. 

These ponytails are great for everyday use or simply for a bad hair day. The velcro design makes them extremely easy to put on yourself or to take to your stylist for a quick updo.

GlamTails come in three different textures so pick which one matches your natural hair texture best. 

If you choose to purchase, thank you for your support and remember to always wake up and SLAY!



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