Finding the right Hairstylist via instagram

Now, Now, Now... this is a tricky subject! 

Finding the right hairstylist can be tough, especially in a city like Atlanta. Finding the right fit is like purchasing a new car, A STRUGGLE, lol and rarely do you get it right on the first try. 

Below are a few helpful hints to help you on your quest to finding the perfect stylist for your haircare needs. 

1. Focus on the hair, not popularity 

Although having a ton a followers on instagram is ideal for any business in this day in age, I've heard  so many horror stories about "instagram famous" hairstylist. 

It's important to be sure to do research on the stylist you may find on instagram. Are they timely? Do they have before and after pictures? Do they provide educational information on their feed? What is their niche?

Are there reviews on their site? What salon are they associated with and does that salon have a good reputation?

These are some great questions to ask yourself before booking an appointment. 



This is a big one. Until moving to Atlanta, I have never heard of so many hairstylist practicing without certification. Hair school is mandatory in a lot of states but Georgia is not one of them. Stylist are able to obtain their hair license through apprenticeships after a certain amount of hours. In these situations, the candidate is still responsible for taking state board testing. Be sure that when you go to a salon, their license is clearly displayed in their workspace. 

3. What is their expertise? 

In Atlanta especially, the industry is divided in so many subsections. A lot of stylist here are known for particular things. 

For example, many people peg me as a multicultural colorist. Although I am a well rounded stylist, people typically book color services before trying any other service that I offer.

Make sure you know what you want. A lot of clients have found me through hashtags on instagram based on the service they are looking to have done. There are also tons of instagram accounts geared towards making your search process much easier like The Cut Life, Mob Hair, American Salon, Etc. 

Booking consultations will also give you a good idea if that stylist is able to achieve what you are looking for. During that consultation, that stylist should evaluate your hair and give you clear and honest feedback on what they believe they can do to get you in the right direction for what it is you are wanting. 


I hope this article is helpful.

Feel free to comment on what you did to find the stylist perfect for your haircare needs!



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