My favorite Pastime: Consigning

Cheers to my first blog post!


Some may ask, why do you love to consign?

Well first let me start by saying, I typically consign four times a year and for the past year I've cosigned with Uptown Cheapskate. I've primarily consigned with them because I've found that I get a little more cash for my clothing because its geared towards a more mature crowd which is different from places like Plato's Closet (which is actually their sister store). 

I try to remain a slight minimalist when it comes to the items I have in my closet. Once a new season is approaching, I go through the things I have in my closet and make a decision on if I will wear it the following season. I base the decision on a few factors like: how long I've had it, if I plan on loosing weight, if it will be on trend the following season, or if I simply got my use out of it. 

Now, let me be clear,  you cannot expect to get a ton of money for your items but I like to consider it as a slight return on my original investment. I typically do a simply formula which makes selling my old or unwanted items worthwhile. 

*cost of the item/time I've have the item = return on original investment*

Choosing to consign items I'm no longer wearing, not only gives me a clear scope of what's in my closet, it also allows me to save up for new items I am interested in buying. It is a great way to not allow yourself to be a clothes hoarder, it keeps you on trend, and puts a little extra money in your pocket to invest in new thing you may want. 

 Do you consign or is it something you are interested in? If so, How do you feel about consigning and where do you consign?

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