Who Are We?

A Columbus, Ohio native, I have lived in Georgia now for four years. In high school I attended a career center where I received my hair license early my senior year. Now with eight years of experience, I spent my first four years as a stylist attending Kent State University earning a B.A. in applied communication with a public relations concentration. My passion for hair carried me through college, and I’ve spent the last eight years expanding my gift focusing on healthy hair care for all hair types including men.

I created SimplySlayed primarily to reach the masses and share my knowledge with those around me.  With journalism being my focus in college, I wanted to combine the knowledge I receive at Kent to create a blog talking about something I am truly passionate about. I believe SimplySlayed is a great forum for industry professionals to share their knowledge as well. I hope you guys truly enjoy everything SimplySlayed has to offer and I hope I can bring something exciting to all of your lives!

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